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Welcome to our Online Registration system. You can pay with a credit card or mail us a check [1].

You must enter a valid credit card to complete the online registration process. However, you may still pay with a check by mailing your check and a printed copy of the registration confirmation email you recieve to:
Sondance Studio, 16108 Harmony Path, Lakeville, MN 55044

[1] NOTE: Your registration will not be completed until your check is received.

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Complete the student release form below and then click Continue.

Student Release Form

I, am the parent/guardian of


*I understand that by enrolling myself or my child/children in Sondance Studio classes, I assume responsibility for any risks involved, and hereby release Sondance Studio, owners and teachers from any or all liability for accident, injury, or personal loss incurred by my child/children or myself while engaged in, or associated with, these classes.

*I understand that ALL REGISTRATION, TUITION and DANCE RECITAL FEES are NON-REFUNDABLE. If I choose to terminate dance prior to the end of the season, fees unused will remain in my account as a credit balance. After December 1st, I am responsible for full recital payment.

*As a Parent of a dancer, I take responsibility to read and understand the Sondance Studio policy and honor the Sondance Studio dress code.

*I give permission to Sondance Studio to use photographs of my child for advertising or news coverage of Sondance Studio events.

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